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Article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights confirms that every human being has the right to life, liberty and security of person. You cannot be arbitrarily detained.

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Justice Sought for Mutilated Soldiers

New Delhi, 2nd May 2017: Indian Minister of Defence, Arun Jaitley has condemned the murder of two Indian soldiers whose bodies were allegedly mutilated by members of the Pakistan army, saying their deaths are barbaric acts, which are “unheard of even in a war”. After...

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Death of a Migrant Worker in Saudi Arabia – Update

After four months and seven days, Mr Amritpal Singh was eventually repatriated to India on the 17 months and 6 days following his death. His cremation took place on the 18th of February. Mr Amritpal Singh lives behind his wife, his 14th month son and his parents....

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Domestic Abuse Still The Most Common Human Rights Violation Worldwide

Justice Upheld is being asked to intervene in an increasing number of domestic abuse cases, worldwide. As predicted, the number of cases has increased over the last six months, thought largely due to the number of Covid-19 related lockdowns across the globe. The scope...

Slavery in 2020: Migrant Worker from Punjab Enslaved in Malayisa Rescued

Monday 22nd of June 2020 Justice Upheld was contacted  by the family of Mrs Daljit Kaur (not her real name), a migrant worker from Punjab,India. It was claimed that in or around November 2019, Mrs Daljit Kaur travelled to Malaysia to work as domestic worker for a...

A Child Dissapears In India EVERY 8 MINUTES

A child dissapears in India every 8 minutes. These are just a few of their stories.

Daman – Land and Property Owned by the Fishing Communities Confiscated and Homes Demolished

  Daman, Gujarat in India: Daman and Diu  are two small coastal enclaves located in Western India. Both  Daman and Diu are former Portuguese colonies.   In December 2018, local residents of Daman and Diu received official looking documents purportedly following the...

Mother of Three from Punjab Enslaved in Kuwait

Modern Slavery: Woman from Punjab enslaved in Kuwait

Enslaved in Bahrain

Modern Slavery is an international problem. Whilst the  West is proactive and determined to tackle the Slavery when it reaches their shores, the developing countries  not only fail  to tackle  it but also fail to identify that fact that it is enslavement and therefore...

Migrant worker abandoned by Joannou & Paraskevaides (Overseas) Ltd (In Liquidation) (‘JPO’) in Saudi Arabia – Update

Modern Slavery: 14 April, 2019 Migrant worker abandoned by Joannou & Paraskevaides (Overseas) Ltd (In Liquidation) (‘JPO’)in Saudi Arabia suffered paralysis FIFTEEN days ago. It was only following protests by his co-workers, that the Indian authorities eventually...

Modern Slavery: Work Migrants – Victims of Joannou & Paraskevaides (Overseas) Ltd (In Liquidation), Saudi Arabia

Migrant worker suffering from paralysis waiting for treatment for two weeks after been struck after paralysis attack Modern Slavery - 18th March, 2019:Left to die: Several hundred Indian migrant workers in the construction industry have been abandoned in Rydiah in...

Modern Slavery – ‘Absconder’

‘Huroob’ is an Arabic word which means ‘escape’ or ‘absconder’ or ‘run away’ (‘Absent From Work’). Under Saudi Labour Law, it is mandatory for an employer to report his migrant worker employee to the Saudi passport authorities if the migrant worker is absent from work...

Released!- Jennifer Dalquez Acquitted of the Murder of Her Emerati ‘Employer’

Friday 2nd of November, 2018: Justice Upheld is delighted to report that Jennifer Dalquez, the Filipino migrant worker who was eventually acquitted of the murder of her ‘employer’ in the United Arab Emirates, was released and repatriated to her family on Friday....




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