As a young professional, you know how frustrating it can be to try to carve out a career path that’s both lucrative and fulfilling. This process can be even harder if you have a disability that might limit your options. There are many reasons why pursuing a career in business may be the right path, including the following six benefits.


1. You Can Use Your Degree

You worked hard for your degree, and you want a job that allows you to apply what you’ve learned. Jobs in the business field are ideal if you studied subjects such as economics, math, business administration, or finance. Any of these disciplines can land you a great job, and with a degree, you’ll be qualified for higher-paying positions.


2. Internships Can Lead to Opportunities

Another great part of the business world is the availability of internships. In other industries, there are few opportunities to learn the ropes and try out different workplaces. A business internship allows you to learn on the job without the pressure of a paycheck. To find a great internship, you should research opportunities at companies you’re interested in.


3. There Are Many Entry-Level Jobs

Internships are ideal because they provide pressure-free training, but they’re also great because they often lead to job opportunities. This can be valuable for candidates with disabilities who want to ensure a workplace offers appropriate accommodations before they commit to employment. When you’re searching for your first entry-level job, be sure to follow up with recruiters regularly.


4. You’re Judged By Your Qualifications

Perhaps the greatest advantage of a business career is the fact that candidates are judged by their qualifications and work ethic. This is especially important for candidates with disabilities who may be anxious about the impact of their disability in the workplace. Employers are legally required to provide reasonable accommodations for any employee, and if you’re qualified for the job, you’re protected from discrimination.


5. Networking Can Open More Doors

Networking is yet another important tool for any young professional in the business world. As you interview with recruiters and get to know your colleagues in the field, you’ll want to maintain these connections via LinkedIn. When you’re creating your profile, be sure to upload a clear, professional portrait and complete every part of the profile. If you receive any messages, respond as soon as possible.


6. Your Resume is the Key to Success

Your resume is the best tool for demonstrating your qualifications, but if you composed yours in Google Docs, you’ll need to save it as a PDF before sending it to a recruiter. See these quick steps to convert a Google Doc to a PDF. A PDF is advantageous because it allows you to save a document with images, and adding subtle elements of graphic design to your resume is a great way to catch a recruiter’s eye. A beautiful resume will drastically boost your chances of landing your first job.


Start a Career in the Business Field

There are many career options to consider when you’re looking for your first job. For young professionals with disabilities, though, a job in business can offer many advantages. In addition to pursuing internship opportunities and networking via LinkedIn, job seekers can improve their chances of snagging a job by creating an attractive resume.


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