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Article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights confirms that every human being has the right to life, liberty and security of person. You cannot be arbitrarily detained.

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Justice Upheld is a free and an independent international humanitarian organisation, supported by a campaign team of lawyers and activists working for the protection and furtherance of human rights. We provide free legal advice and representations to those denied access to justice including victims of injustice who do not have the financial means to assert and redress the breaches of their human rights. Justice Upheld is not connected to and/or is in any way affiliated to any faith or religion and/or any political party.

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Justice Upheld is a British registered human rights organisation which provides free advice and legal representation to people in South Asia who do not have the financial means to access justice in order redress breaches of human rights. Justice Upheld is about finding and supporting these people.

Typical cases include all forms of breaches of human rights including abuse of migrant workers, exploitation of children and women, the disabled, minorities, religious persecution, unlawful and arbitrary detention/imprisonment.

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International and national legislation subscribe to legal frameworks to protect the basic human rights of all people and as far as policy is concerned, Governments agree to uphold these rights, however, when it comes to enforcing these agreements, the reality is starkly different. Justice Upheld is about finding out Why and doing something about it.

Justice Upheld was inspired by the ‘Free Sarabjit Singh Campaign at

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What can be done? By using the legislation enshrined in international treaties and national laws, Justice Upheld works to initiate legal process and to bring these breaches of human rights and injustice to the wider attention. Our volunteer lawyers work with Government legislators and political leaders to “restart” faltering or lapsed legal process and provide oversight and monitoring to try and ensure that Justice is upheld.

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Justice Upheld is proof that the intervention of committed British citizens and citizens of other countries, CAN work to make legal systems work more effectively, irrespective of country and politics. Justice is an intrinsic part of human nature and is a fundamental necessity for humanity to live in safety. YOU can make a difference, please get in touch, get involved and help us to ensure that Justice is upheld for ALL of us.


Released!- Jennifer Dalquez Acquitted of the Murder of Her Emerati ‘Employer’

Friday 2nd of November, 2018: Justice Upheld is delighted to report that Jennifer Dalquez, the Filipino migrant worker who was eventually acquitted of the murder of her ‘employer’ in the United Arab Emirates, was released and repatriated to her family on Friday....

Seventeen Abandoned Seafarers Rescued in Iran – Via Human Rights At Sea

BY MAREX 2018-07-18 18:28:38 After the actions of human rights charity Justice Upheld, 17 seafarers abandoned by various maritime companies on Kish Island in Iran have been rescued. None had been paid for over two years. Their case has been highlighted by the charity...

Modern Slavery: 6 Ethiopian Seafarers Abandoned in Iran by Shipping Company

Justice Upheld was recently contacted by 6 Seafarers, Ethiopian nationals on board the ‘AHTMS Miami’ owned by Baltic Marine Services LLC’ whose registered offices are in Dubai. We understand that the seafarers were abandoned by the shipping company at Khorramshahr...

Modern Slavery: Another Unexplained Death of a Migrant Worker in Saudi Arabia

In 2015, 32 year old Nishan Singh from Gurdaspur, Punjab left India to work as a driver in Saudi Arabia.  Nishan Singh was employed by ‘Yamama Cement Company Building’ based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.   On the 31st of March 2018, Nishan Singh’s work colleague contacted...

Modern Slavery – Persecution of Migrant Workers Under ‘Kafala’

              Update: 01/07/2018: Mr Gurwinder Singh  continues to be detained whilst the Saudi authorities continue to ‘investigate’ the case whilst the family of the deceased driver who collided with Mr Singh which resulted in his demise, continue to insist   and...

Sikh Man and His Family on the Run From the Taliban

Update: Tuesday 29th of May, 2018: Pakistani Sikh activist, Charanjeet Singh gunned down in Peshawar:Pakistani Sikh activist assassinated Sikh activist gunned down in Peshawar In 2004, 44 year old Harjit Singh (not his real name), a Pakistani national and a baptised...

Modern Slavery: Human Impact of Denial of Crew Wages to Seafarers Abandoned in the UAE

      Appalling treatment and gross abuse of human rights by 'employer' of seafarers abandoned in the UAE. Case study by 'Human Rights at Sea': Human Impact of Denial of Crew Wages to Seafarers...

Modern Slavery: 6 Indians and 1 Sri Lankan Sailors Abandoned on The ‘Sharjah Moon’ For Over 18 Months

Captain Jai Prakash Bhadri and his crew are abandoned on the 'Sharjah Moon' ship for nearly eighteen months - in one case, a crew member has been detained on this ship for two and a half years. The company which owns the 'Sharjah Moon' refuses to provide an...

What Do You Call An Indian in Pakistan?

  'What do you call an Indian in Pakistan'? This sounds like the opening sentence of a bad joke but the reality is far more serious and sinister. The punchline appears to be 'a spy' according to the Pakistani authorities as evidenced by the plethora of cases involving...

Former Navy officer, a Father sentenced to Death in Pakistan  

London, Thursday 4th May: Mr Kulbhushan Jadhav (a 46 year old Indian national, married father of two and former Navy officer) was captured in Iran on a business trip to the country. It is believed he was targeted due to his past in the Navy and was most likely handed...




You can call us on: 0208 0904001 or if you are based outside the UK, please call us on 00 44 208 0904001 or via WhatsApp us on:        (00 44) 7742 577854. Alternatively, you can e-mail us on:




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